Lawn Jaws with Larger, Shark Teeth = A Beautiful Weed-Free Yard and Garden

Lawn Jaws with Larger, Shark Teeth = A Beautiful Weed-Free Yard  and Garden

Better Homes and Gardens  reviews Lawn Jaws.  “With its serrated shark-tooth design, the Lawn Jaws weed puller puts a vise grip on weeds, allowing you to tug an invader out of the lawn or garden, roots and all.”   April 2014.

Keep your lawn and garden beautiful and weed-free with Lawn Jaws weed pullers. This awesome gardening tool was carefully designed to pull the entire weed, roots and all. With Lawn Jaws, you can eliminate the tedious task of pulling weeds by hand-and more effectively catch weeds by their roots. Only in this way can you quickly terminate re-growth issues, and rid yourself of a weekly nuisance and back ache.
This hand tool is ruthless with its shark-like jaws, and pulls weeds better than any like-minded tool available at your local garden center, or mass-market home and garden stores. Laws Jaws are an ergonomic and adaptive yard tool; an ideal garden tool for seniors and those with disabilities. Lawn Jaws have quickly become one of the most popular gardening tools for women, and have proven to be the best weed pulling tool for home landscape maintenance use.

Listen to Lawn Jaws Pull a Weed (14 seconds)

Lawn Jaws are one of the best gardening tools on the market today. With innovative design elements, quality construction, and comfort benefits, Lawn Jaws will quickly become one of your favorite hand tools for home and garden. This new and innovative yard tool offers a major home and garden advantage for gardens, nurseries, yards, raised beds, flower beds, and general landscaping needs.


Special Features

  •     Larger, longer teeth (3/32”) for tough roots
  • Back slanted shark-teeth grip the weed
  • No slippage when pulling
  • Pointed end for easy push down to the root
  • Soft handles for easy firm hand grip
  • Non-pinch rounded handle base
  • Grips accommodate both men and women
  • Custom slots for debris to pass through
  • Chrome finish
  • Rust resistant
  • Stainless steel durability

Patent No. 8,469,422 B2