Product Info

Product Info
The Look
Some people visually see LawnJaws as very comparable to needle nose pliers. When, in fact they are quite different in both design and purpose. LawnJaws have two main features that supersede in excellence for effective garden tools; #1) The Shark Tooth design provides angled back sharp teeth for gripping and pulling weeds. The teeth in LawnJaws are approximately 4x deeper than needle nose pliers, grasp the root of the weed, and rid all future weeding nuisances. #2) The Slotted Jaws successfully allow mud and debris to escape the jaws, reducing clogging from soil build up. This allows for a consistent approach to weed pulling, and does not slow down the process of landscape maintenance projects.
The Feel
Another significant difference is that most long nose pliers only provide an inch of teeth jaws. In such pliers, ‘tooth space” is wasted by the wire cutter option installed near the hub of the pliers. The wire cutter/grip that is placed serves no purpose for weed-pulling, and indefinitely results in skin pinching and an overall discomfort during and after use.
In contrast, the LawnJaws garden tool is supreme in its class, shark-like teeth cover the whole jaw surface (21/4 inches), and the rounded handles provide comfort in and after use. All of these user benefits and more, effectively place LawnJaws at the top of the market in consideration of ergonomic gardening tools.


LawnJaws vs. Needle Nose Pliers
Needle Nose LawnJaws
PURPOSE electrical wiring pulling weeds
JAW TOOTH HEIGHT 1/32” 5 times longer
TEETH COVERAGE .070 sq. in 40 times larger area
SKIN PINCH often none
ERGONOMICS none high
DEBRIS RELEASE none 1” by 1/8”slot