Consumer Comments

Consumer Comments

Read what other people are saying about Lawn Jaws.

“The soil in my flower beds is, for the most part, compacted clay, so it is a joy to be able to pull weeds so easily.  Also, I am a lady of a certain age with a touch of arthritis, who finds the Lawn Jaws particularly helpful.” ~ Alice in East Aurora, NY

“Got the Lawn Jaws on Saturday and gave them a good breaking in on Sunday.  I love them!! They have the best grip on weeds.  I’ve been working on a section of my yard that’s been taken over by wild blackberries and honeysuckle.  My hands would get so sore from yanking on the vines, but the LawnJaws are saving my hands now.  Thank you so much for such a fantastic product!  I look forward to using them for many years.” ~ Hilary (with one “L”)

“Larry – Lawn Jaws arrived yesterday, so all is well.  It’s a great device.” ~ Judy

“I was shocked and thrilled to see the Laws Jaws in Better Homes & Gardens magazine.  I have been using and old pair of needle nose pliers for several years for pulling weeds.  The longer area with teeth is awesome.  I look forward to purchasing several pair.” ~ Jana

“Genius product!!  I have been using regular pliers for years to pull weeds out of my garden, but with some frustration (teeth too shallow and always get filled with dirt causing them to lose grip on weeds.)  Your genius product seems to solve that problem and I cannot wait to get my hands on a pair.  The weeds in my garden will be pleased that you are temporarily out o stock.  Cheers!” ~ Jeff

“I WANT LAWN JAWS!  I’m so sorry I waited. The weeds are taking over and I need help! LOL!!” ~Susie

“LawnJaws is the tool that works the best.” ~Eric from Olathe, Kansas/now in Houston, TX

“I used the Lawn Jaws yesterday, and they did a good job. They stay free of damp dirt and mud better than most tools.” ~Garett from Makawao, Maui

“I used your Lawn Jaws last night and love them.  It’ is a great device to wage a war on weeds.” ~Laura from Kihei, Hawaii

“One of the things that I liked most about Lawn Jaws was that I could pull weeds out of seams in the sidewalk and also around the stepping stones in the back yard.” ~Mareli from Lafayette, Colorado

“I just called to tell you how much I liked your weed pullers. What I liked best was I could get down on it and pull the root.” ~Karen from Kahului, Hawaii

“Thanks so much for the Lawn Jaws!  I pulled a ton of oak trees and other things populating all the front beds in about an hour.  It is so much more pleasant doing the work with the LawnJaws.  So much easier pulling them with the advantage of the mechanical advantage of a great tool.  Tell your inventor friend he has a great idea and they are worth the price after only one day’s use.”  ~ Jim of Wilmington, North Carolina.